What We Do

We give counseling for different issues related to HIV/AIDS.
We do HIV testing in the center and also go to do test where needed in the community.
We admit patients for inpatient care as needed.
We give outpatient care for those in need of that.
We give Palliative Care for those who are at that stage when treatment fails and pain- management, body care, acceptance and loving care and understanding is what is needed.
We take care of needy pregnant women who are HIV positive for safe delivery and reducing HIV transmission to the new born.
We network with other NGOs, Hospitals, and Govt. agencies to make help available to those in need.
We run an HIV positive orphan children home for boys and girls who have lost parents and are not wanted by other family members . We provide education, and life skills training within our capacity for these children so they can live a normal life and be able to earn a living after their basic education.
We rehabilitate the needy within our capacity.

In summary we give holistic care with major emphasis on the Spiritual life, right relationship with God and fellow human beings.

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