How God Changed Us: Volunteers Shares

Two sisters came to ACCEPT as Volunteers last year from US. Recently they wrote about their experience at ACCEPT in CMML magazine.

Read their experience

Pray for the Land issue

Issue 1.

We bought the existing land from a local person with all documents. But now Govt. is claiming that part of the land is theirs and has given us notice to vacate. This will have major implication on the ministry  and will affect the work of children home and hospice. We have approached the govt. authorities and a good report has gone to the higher authorities from the lower dept. We are waiting for the final decision from govt. Kindly pray for solution that will be beneficial to the ministry.

Issue 2.

An adjacent govt. land was given to Accept for 10 years lease which we have developed into a farm and for other income generation projects by developing that wasteland. Now the 10 years is getting over and we are going to approach govt. for it’s renewal . Pray that we may get it renewed so that the investment we did will not go waste but will continue to benefit the needy.

Take Me Home: ACCEPT New Video

ACCEPT has produced a new video about the Children home and about adopting the children with HIV. This documentary was made voluntarily by a team of Professionals and directed by Diana Tholoor.  You can see the video below. Please share this video with your friends.

Serving the Abandoned

Umesh was very sick when he was brought to ACCEPT. As part of the legal procedures, we asked the family members whether they would like to have the dead body in case he died. And their reply was, “You do what ever you want”. This is the case of many who come to ACCEPT. In this place, many people found a home; they were accepted and treated well without any discrimination untill their death.
ACCEPT began as a small response to the plight of HIV/AIDS infected and affected people. We started with five patients and now we cater to an average of 80 to 100 patients every month through our in patient and out-patient facilities. We now have 35 bed capacity. The overall number of HIV+ people who have benefited from our services is more than 5500 inpatients and others as out patients and many of their family members. Because many patients are brought to us in the last stages of life we have also seen over 550 deaths.
Some parents who were dying handed their children over to us, asking us to take care of them. These desperate requests motivated us to open the children’s home and we currently have 18 children all which are HIV/AIDS orphans. Due to medicine, healthy eating, and loving care more children are living longer and are learning to walk in the ways of God.
HIV patients easily get infected with TB. When many care centres refused to take HIV/TB patients, we opened a special ward for such patients.
Some patients come from difficult backgrounds. We have rehabilitated some of them by providing jobs at ACCEPT and other places. These patients receive regular psychological and spiritual counseling from ACCEPT.  We also have conducted marriages for two couples in our assembly who were positive but became believers.
We want to thank God for the staff team for their tireless labors and many volunteers who have come and helped us in different ways.
We want to also thank God for all the prayer supporters and finance supporters.

Bringing Back the Smiles

“Leave her at the government hospital” told an experienced doctor seeing the medical condition of Remila. She came to us complaining of itching and rashes all over her body. She was under ART treatment which hinders the multiplication of HIV virus. This was an allergic reaction to one of the ART drug. She was asked to stop taking the drug, but she started to develop blisters filled with water all over the  body from head to toe. The skin started to peel even when touched lightly. It was the case of severe allergy known as “Steven Johnson Syndrome” which progressed to a fatal reaction. She couldn’t even lie down and it was painful.

“We decided to take care of her understanding the fate of her going back to government hospital, irrespective of the advice by many to send her to government hospital as it required high level care and treatment” told Dr. Ashoojit.

By God’s grace and good nursing care with medicines gave her a new life. She was healed and got her skin back. Though she lost vision of her left eye, she is now able to manage herself. “She now often smiles and that lift our hearts” echoed the medical team.

Children Home Building Expanded

A dying mother handed over her son and said to us “Please take care of my son”. ACCEPT initially began as an organization to take care of the HIV/AIDS patients. We could not reject her pleading cry because no one wanted this small boy, who was also HIV positive. This occurrence was what started the ACCEPT Children Home even though we lost the first child last year.
The earnest cry of the mother resulted in a home for more children. Beginning with one child, we now have 18 children ranging from five year to 19 years of age boys and girls. Many came here and some were brought here by others.
We thank God for each child, they truly are the joy of ACCEPT. The children now regularly attend school. One of the young girls finished her 10th class and completed a computer training course. She is now undergoing nursing training at our centre.
As the earlier facility was not sufficient for the children, we started  the rebuilding of the home which was completed and opened on May 15th, 2010 in the presence of believers from different assemblies in Bangalore.
Now the building can accommodate 30 children with a spacious hall for recreation, separate dormitories for boys and girls and a children’s dining room.This building also have two volunteers room that can accomadate 4 volunteers at a time.