Bringing Back the Smiles

“Leave her at the government hospital” told an experienced doctor seeing the medical condition of Remila. She came to us complaining of itching and rashes all over her body. She was under ART treatment which hinders the multiplication of HIV virus. This was an allergic reaction to one of the ART drug. She was asked to stop taking the drug, but she started to develop blisters filled with water all over the  body from head to toe. The skin started to peel even when touched lightly. It was the case of severe allergy known as “Steven Johnson Syndrome” which progressed to a fatal reaction. She couldn’t even lie down and it was painful.

“We decided to take care of her understanding the fate of her going back to government hospital, irrespective of the advice by many to send her to government hospital as it required high level care and treatment” told Dr. Ashoojit.

By God’s grace and good nursing care with medicines gave her a new life. She was healed and got her skin back. Though she lost vision of her left eye, she is now able to manage herself. “She now often smiles and that lift our hearts” echoed the medical team.

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