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How God Changed Us: Volunteers Shares

Two sisters came to ACCEPT as Volunteers last year from US. Recently they wrote about their experience at ACCEPT in CMML magazine.

Read their experience

Nagpur Centre Handed Over

ACCEPT started a small extension service in Nagpur in the state  of Maharashtra about 1500 k.m away  in 2009, due to the request of a brother and many patients. We have been managing the ministry from Bangalore with the help of an advisory committee and a small staff team of five people. Over these years, it has helped over 1000 patients and their families. We were also able to share the love of Christ to all who came through our deeds and word.

Since it was difficult to manage the ministry from Bangalore, we were looking for some assembly to take over the managing and running of the center  Christian Brethren Assembly, Civil Lines, Nagpur has come forward and we have turned the ministry over to the local assembly from Nov. 1st 2011 onward.

Pray for the Land issue

Issue 1.

We bought the existing land from a local person with all documents. But now Govt. is claiming that part of the land is theirs and has given us notice to vacate. This will have major implication on the ministry  and will affect the work of children home and hospice. We have approached the govt. authorities and a good report has gone to the higher authorities from the lower dept. We are waiting for the final decision from govt. Kindly pray for solution that will be beneficial to the ministry.

Issue 2.

An adjacent govt. land was given to Accept for 10 years lease which we have developed into a farm and for other income generation projects by developing that wasteland. Now the 10 years is getting over and we are going to approach govt. for it’s renewal . Pray that we may get it renewed so that the investment we did will not go waste but will continue to benefit the needy.