Action Points for the Church

Here are some action points for your church to involve in HIV/AIDS ministry.

  • Mobilise prayer; it is effective.
  • Provide a climate of love, acceptance, and support for those who are vulnerable to, or affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Reverse the discrimination and build supportive environments by organising Bible studies, Cell groups and support groups for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Holistic Care – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual care and support of people living with HIV/AIDS. Encourage your congregation to become involved in their lives through visitations, prayer, sharing resources, etc.
  • Acknowledge the calling of those individuals who are responding to this disaster as true vocations under God and be willing to see is truly at work in their lives.
  • Encourage faithfulness and refraining from risky behavior as key point to avoid HIV/AIDS. Promote family values and abstinence from sex until marriage.
  • Encourage the church to seek and understand more fully the gift of human sexuality in the context of personal responsibility, family, and Christian faith. At home and church teach the vital topic on Biblical sexuality.
  • Ignorance is not bliss, it costs lives. Promoting and sharing of accurate information about HIV/AIDS and a climate of open discussion does work against the spread of misinformation and fear.
  • Encourage people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) to become  actively involved in church activities.
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