Our Team

Board Members

We have 10 board members currently from 5 different Assemblies in Bangalore. Any one who has a burden to get involved by joining the team may contact us.

Board Members

Mr. Raju K Mathew, Chairman, Agape Christian Assembly
Mr. Shibu K Mathew, Secretary, Agape Christian Assembly
Mrs. Gretta Andrews, Treasurer, Agape Christian Assembly
Mr. John Prasad, Member, Good Shephard Christian Assembly
Mrs. Joyce Mathew, Member, Agape Christian Assembly
Mr. A.D. Rathnakara, Member, Bethany Christian Assembly
Mr. David Jacob, Member, Mathekere Christian Assembly
Mr. Oswald Smith, Member, Agape Christian Assembly
Mr. Soman V. Abraham, Member,Bethany Christian Assembly
Mr. Reji Raju, Member, Bethel Christian Assembly

Staff Team

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Mr. Santhosh, Administrator
Dr. Ashoojith Kaur Anand, Medical Officer
Mrs. Bindhu George, Office Assistant
Mrs.Anila Vinoy, Nursing in Charge
Mrs. Manju Jomesh, Staff Nurse
Mrs. Del Beena Raju, Staff Nurse
Mr. Rajesh , Staff Nurse
Mr. Chethan, Staff Nurse
Mrs. Shanthi Jayakaran, Children home teacher
Mr. S J Raju, Support Staff
Mr. Vijaykumar S. Jatti, Outreach worker
Mrs. Manjula, Outreach worker
Mrs. Girija, Support Staff
Mrs. Kala Mary, Cook
Mr. Nagappa, Field worker
Mr. Mahadeva Digil (John), Driver/support

Apart from these there are patients rehabilitated at Accept who also help as care takers mostly widows and single men and women . Accept takes care of their stay and food and provide small financial support for their personal needs.


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